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July 18th, 2018, 11:02
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As the head of the Anglo Saxon department at Oxford, Tolkien was inspired by tons of source material he had around him. i.e. Gandolf is Merlin, and a type of Christ, ork is an Anglo-Saxon spelling of ogre and take a look at this passage from the Volsunga Saga

The Hobbit itself is a retelling of Seigfreid's slaying of the dragon Fafnir
It's a little bit more difficult than that, but yes, it could be boiled down to that, more or less, if you leave everything around that out (Elves, for example, or Dwarves, or the Hobbit himself being a very small being, and the Dragon being killed by an arrow, the death of Fafnir is mirrored rather in The Silmarillion).

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I did NOT say Tolkien was 100% original in everything he did - or that he wasn't inspired. I did NOT say Lucas stole 100% of everything he did - or that he didn't create anything.
Both, Lucas & Tolkien, are similar in so far as they are both drawing from the same pool of myths. With Lucas using more asian myths.
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