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December 14th, 2011, 21:53
I've been defeated by Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis… I find the game to be superior to its predecessor in every single aspect - except from its (virtually nonexistent) plot. The above medium difficulty of the puzzles and its detailed real locations, had me enjoying it so much that I was determined to solve it on my own, but the treasure hunt in the museum dragged on and on so much that it became completely ridiculous - having to solve yet another riddle so as to find another little paper with another riddle on it that I would have to solve to find another paper with another riddle…AAAA! I gave up at the King's message riddle - which I solved mostly by trial and error and honestly, after reading the explanation I still have no idea how it makes sense!

Well… I'm moving on to a new location tomorrow and hopefully my interest will be renewed, although the harm might have been done: if I so much as peek at a walkthrough once, I am likely to not be able to resist doing it again which ends up destroying the game for me.
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