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July 31st, 2018, 16:27
Originally Posted by Silver Coin View Post
It's unfair that its sales and review score are lower than the first PoE, because it's a much better game. I have a couple ideas on why that is…

1. The novelty of an infinity engine spiritual successor wore off for most people

2. The people that would be most impressed by Deadfire were disappointed by the first game, and are waiting for it to be fully patched and on sale to pick it up.

3. A lot of Obsidian fans are disgruntled over the Chris Avellone drama. Probably not the biggest reason, but it definitely took a hit on their core fanbase.

My hope is that in the future PoE2 will receive greater recognition, because it honestly deserves a lot more success and praise than it has been getting.
That looks like good hypothesis, myself I believe it's the point 2 that produced the effect.

PoE1 has been hugely over hyped, many of significant weaknesses was purely ignored, and it goes on and goes on. But time pass and lies and ignorance are gradually washed, and PoE2 is paying the price of all this absurdity.

Otherwise I would add:
4. Hate of Bioware fans… What? Bioware is Rip and Obsidian losers still alive, disgusting.

5. A vanishing general curiosity on party RPG with iso like approach and some old school spirit. There's been too many disappointments or half disappointment for many players discovering the sub genres. Now there's a growing negativity against those sub genres.

6. Party Real Time with pause fun is a legend just based on few legendary release, at least for their release time, Baldur's Gate 1&2. And the legend is vanishing.
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