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November 11th, 2017, 21:31
I played through this game one time a couple years back and it was the single most impressive RPG I've ever played. By impressive I mean, the choices and consequences that seemingly went on "under the hood", the beautiful exploration of a dark (and detailed) first-person modern city setting, all the different clans, locations and the awesome story. I was stunned that an RPG like it existed. Even after playing Planescape: Torment and a few others, Bloodlines remains THE most impressive RPG I've played. I love it and I need to do another run soon.

Question though. Are there any patches that JUST fix bugs? I am not even sure what I used when I played, can't remember, but I would like to play with just bugfixing, no extra "fixes" or content added, etc..

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To me this game is like Gothic III. Every time you talk about it, no matter how much time has passed, it's still interesting.
It really is. I just played Gothic III for the first time recently and it's a very interesting game. You can tell it's unfinished in several ways but what they were already able to do, wow, it is really something. The game is still pretty cool to explore, too. It's timeless and one of those "awe-inspiring", mysterious type of titles, just wish it were really polished by the original devs and fixed up by them.

Maybe if ELEX is successful we can see a Gothic III remaster someday.

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