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January 13th, 2020, 12:36
Am playing this now having bought it for myself in the Christmas sale on Switch. The graphics look more "hand drawn" and artistic than some titles, so its low-res origins don't look out-of-place in HD.

I have enjoyed it a lot so far. I find I bounce of SE's "Saga" games (just tried Scarlet whatsit, and found it overly-punishing and a lot less fun - no towns, and limited side content). Alliance Alive is split into short chapters (30+) which each taken an hour or so, which makes it very accessible. It's a decent sized game, and seveal chapters will occur on each continent/world.

In the opening chapters, you control three different sets of characters, but each character is well introduced and distinct (cough, unlike the recent Saga). Although it grows, party size is initially two or three characters, so you get well introduced to their capabilities.

Characters don't level up, but rather gain talent points (which can be used to buy over-arching skills) after each combat. Individual abilities (aka Arts) are learned through use in combat, as are HP and SP (magic points, used to trigger Arts and Spells).

There's also a decent amount of gear, and characters can have two weapons, using whichever is best at the time (eg. a magic staff and a blade).

Story so far (chapter 15 or so) has been interesting, and the characters aren't especially annoying (thank goodness). The game isn't too wacky, although one character's main "armour" looks like a giant yellow (upgradable) rubber ducky. So, if that's going to offend your sensibilities, you have been warned! Otherwise, it is fairly straightforward tale of a three-tier society, each oppressing the tier beneath, with humans at the bottom of the food chain.

The continents/worlds are cut off from each other by barriers, and so you'll be breaking those down, re-uniting people and fighting injustice. Typical (J)RPG fare, but no amnesiac teenagers.

Finally, you can *SAVE ANYWHERE* (repeatably re-loadable quick-save) which is a huge breath of fresh air. Coupled with the chapter-based approach and clear explanation of what your goals are, it makes it super-accessible and easy to fit in around daily life. One of my best purchases this Christmas, I reckon.
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