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October 27th, 2017, 14:39
Hi Unspeakable,
I've been playing for more than a year now and have created at least 8 different teams. What I've found works really well is to have at least 3 melee characters, and 3 caster/shooters. My favorite team is to start out with 2 fighters, 1 rogue, (all focused on hand to hand). You need at least 1 healer in your team and you have 2 options for that from the beginning that are Monk and Cleric. For your first team I'd suggest cleric because they are going to have more healing power early in the game. If you choose monk you are going to have a faster player with less mana. It's harder basically. I have had teams with and without Rangers/Archers (shooters). I prefer to skip them and instead get 1 mage, and 1 druid. Each can learn almost every attack spell in the game and will help you get through a lot of tricky situations. They can also learn heal spells and back up your cleric. Birthfeats are trickier as the options are so open. I'm going to let you figure this out on your own, but if you want great info from players who are admittedly more committed to the game and thus more knowledgeable Join the games facebook page. There you can interact not only with other players, but the developer as well.
Once you get past chapter 1 of the game you will have quests where you can change the classes of your characters to stronger classes. Make sure to visit the trainers and invest the points you get leveling up into skills, spells, and strength and Dex upgrades. For mages, druids, clerics, and monks put them into magic lore at Parnoz (the wizard), Then you can upgrade spells from the character menu by clicking on the character, Pressing the "abilities" tab, Then clicking spells. There is a + button that will scroll you through the spell types. For Fighters, rangers, and rogues I suggest putting those points into strength mainly. Especially for chapter 1. Play around with it. Try different combos. Talk to everyone and have fun. If you have more questions let us know and we'll be happy to help. I do suggest the FB page. I played a long time without joining and regretted that later. There is no better place to learn!
Thanks and good luck!
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