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December 11th, 2017, 22:14
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This is how I went with it.
I was working, I had about $13k in the bank (no credit card debts). I felt like that money was wasting, so I took $5k and put it in the stock market while I worked.
That 5K soon enough turned into 7, in the meantime my bank account again reached 12k or so (I'm not a big spender so after expenses and taxes I was netting about 1k/month from my salary). Again, I added 5-6k to the stock. I did that for years, portfolio growing from its own growth plus periodic injections from what was left of my salary after expenses. I think I started when I was 31 or so, so in about 13-14 years it was high enough that I could decide to retire.
Yeah, I wish I'd cared about this a lot earlier. I'm 41 now.

But I've had some hard lessons to learn about money - so I guess I wouldn't have been ready before anyway




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