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March 5th, 2013, 03:45
Sorry for double post, but more on the "staff talent" I mentioned.

I found this list of foregin developers working with CDProjekt off a NeoGAF post

Bill Daly - ex BioWare, Sony, Disney employee - Lead Character Artist
Gene Rozenberg - ex 38 Studios (KoA) - Audio Lead at CD Projekt
Marwin So - ex Spicy Horse (Alice: Madness Returns, American McGee's Grimm) and Enlight Software (Capitalism, Seven Kingdoms) employee - gameplay designer.
Simon V. Besombes - ex. Climax, Codemasters employee - 3d Artist
Patrick K. Mills - ex. Obsidian employee - Quest designer on Cyberpunk 2077
Lucie Schaar - ex. Climax employee - 3D Animator
Chris Hardwick - ex. Codemasters, EA, Starbreeze Studios employee - Senior Engine Programmer
Daniel Neve - ex. Crytek employee - Programmer
Balázs Török - ex. Eidos employee - Senior Engine Programmer
Eduard El-mestre López Plans - ex. Ubisoft employee - Gameplay Programmer
Kyle Brennan - ex. Bioware employee - Junior Gameplay Designer on Cyberpunk 2077
Ryan Pergent - ex. Ubisoft employee - Gameplay designer on Cyberpunk 2077
Damien Monnier - ex. Sony, Team17 employee - Gameplay Designer
Ovidiu Voica - ex. Ubisoft employee - Senior Character Artist
Tracy M. Williams - ex. THQ, Warner Bros. employee - Head of Marketing & PR, Americas
Jonas Mattsson - ex. Rare employee - Level Artist
It's a veritable developer-smörgĺsbord of heavy hitters!
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