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December 2nd, 2006, 01:19
Interesting question. I haven't given much thought about real time vs turn based, but lately I have been thinking how in late titles such as Gothic 3, Oblivion and NWN2, I would like to see the real time combat itself slowed down in pace. I've been finding the movement speed, attack speed and the animation of the enemies simply too fast, as if they're in fast motion, to where you can't "study" your opponents fight and reply in the best manner. Gothic 3 has a big problem with this and it results in the player just engaging in a click fest to beat them. Oblivion the same thing. Slow down the pace, let me plan my blocks and unleash my attacks with the right timing. At the same time, make the AI good enough to do the same and give me a challenge.

I would say that the best real time combat I have experienced is Mount & Blade. You really need skill to beat opponents and blocking is a nessesity and totally satisfying. The best turn based combat (and best overall) was Fallout. God, I loved ripping mutants to shreds with a spurt from my machine gun… best damned death animations in any game!

Oh, and for God's sake, lets get rid of the damned "stun lock" it sucks!
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