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December 2nd, 2006, 14:11
I never had a problem with Turnbased, except when the game force you to fight ALL THE TIME and you fight the same things over and over again. If you spend more time watching zombies run around on their own than experiencing the story, then it's too much. I spent a long time in PoR2 until I got frustrated enough to see 15+ zombies walk around that I dropped the game. Random Encounter games tend to tick me off the same way.
Fallout, Temple of Elemental Evil and Wizardry 8 are example of very good turnbased games. You always fight for a reason and each battle is like a new challenge with something new.

I can deal with realtime Hack & Slash (diablo style) as long as the story is good. Again, if all I do is fight, things get boring.
The only one I know that holds up though is Dungeon Siege 2, because they had worked so much with the Companions, subquests and background story that you had alot to take in between fights.
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