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September 8th, 2009, 16:41
Darn it wolfing, that's exactly how it works. Did you steal/peak at the games design documents??? I feel a bit worried now.. better check my PC for spyware

I might as well tell how it works now. There are some story characters vital to the storyline, the first time you meet with them you can place attributes etc ( it also fits in the storyline but I don't want to spoil why) but some characters are locked to their chosen baseclass, so for example if we have Wolfing the brave scout as a main story character, you could develop him in different paths according to the scout class ( Trapmaster, Hunter, Path finder ) etc.

You can also "recruit" characters in the game, when you do this you can do some re-rolling of stats, choose their class, add skills etc etc, their will be certain requirements and way to get different races, so you could not create anything you want directly from the start however as you progress in the game you could create and recruit more and more. This also satisfy the "all the characters are really part of the world requirement" that someone here wanted.

Also their is only one character which will be required in your team, except for that you can choose and mix between story and recruit characters.

I will give more info on the system later on.

Ideas and comments ???
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