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September 12th, 2009, 13:42
On paper it sounds fun to create the whole party from scratch but it becomes rather dull quite fast. Most often story character is the best way to go. That is if you wish player to feel something for his party members. Baldur's gate 2 would be a much lesser game without all the wonderfull party interaction. Besides its really difficult to build a decent story otherwise.

However despite the predefined backrounds I like to be in nearly full control how they level up. Class choise on the otherhand should be predefined. Mincs is a ranger, Jaheira is a druid, hk 17 is a battle droid, Cart is a soldier…I would only wish to change my party member's class if it was part of the game's storyline, like transferring khelgar into a monk he always wanted to be.
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