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November 12th, 2013, 14:02
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The main point is that all those things that would be positive about an actual finished version of the remake would be positive because they were so in the original. Except minor addons like some flavor events and better UI.
Those minor bonuses would make the remake a better game, yes. But most of the fun does not come from fluff like that, it comes from core gameplay. And the core gameplay remains practically unchanged from the original (or else it would not be a remake).

Also, I doubt too many people argue this remake could not ever be a good game. Maybe it will. But nothing in the world will make me support the developers that screwed up like that. Bringing it into a playable, finished state now is just the bare minimum (and maximum, actually) they need to do to hope for indemnification somewhere in the future. Maybe for the next game, if they make it much, much better there.
What about the interface? Is it better than the original game? Does it have features the original game lacked because of its time? (things like automap, quest log, etc). This alone would be a good point for making a remake of an old game. Story, characters, dialog all can stay the same if the new game is more accessible. But don't know if that's the case in this particular example (I don't remember how it was in the original game and I haven't played the remake yet).
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