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November 12th, 2013, 16:26
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What about the interface? Is it better than the original game? Does it have features the original game lacked because of its time? (things like automap, quest log, etc). This alone would be a good point for making a remake of an old game. Story, characters, dialog all can stay the same if the new game is more accessible. But don't know if that's the case in this particular example (I don't remember how it was in the original game and I haven't played the remake yet).
It has automap, place markers such as shops, inns, taverns, points of interests(such as Hetman's House, Central Embassy, Imman Stadium etc etc), questlog and its user interface will get a good revamp too.

For example one thing existed in original Realms of Arkania is to see the world from the height of your leader character. Of course many people could not notice the difference because the original game environment was quite same everywhere. In the remake they implemented it and in our current gaming technology, camera manipulation it is quite more noticeable. There is definitely a large difference when your Dwarf is leading or your Warrior.

Main story, characters and dialogues are not different. But of course there are some improvements here and there. The game promises to fill the gameworld more then its predecessor. For example a user-contributed event features heroes participating in an important Imman game at Imman Stadium in Thorwal. (With skill checks and such) City encounters did not exist in original games, but they are in the remake to give more atmosphere to the gameworld. And dungeons are still the game's strongest point. Wouldn't you like to return Old Bailey to deal with robbers who bothers Master Dramosh? I personally enjoyed it quite, since the original bailey hallways were similar to each other, in remake you can simply look around and enjoy visuals.

Weather effects? Birds on the sky? Swaying banners? Water reflections? Dragon ships of Thorwalians at harbors? Optical light effects? Shop signs? They are all a plus to the remake. And seeing it getting better, I find it quite worthy to support.

Plus: You will find a very helpful and friendly community in the official forums who are ready to support you (let it be developer or the players) in any way they can. After all, many people are not aware of the game(originals) or its mechanics(it can be complex) and it can be frustrating. Or you found an annoying bug, maybe simply computer crashed? You will find quite swift assistance there.
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