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November 12th, 2013, 17:28
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Rebuilding the whole world is not a minor addon
Well, it is what a remake basically has to do. Rebuild the world. This time it is from 2D to 3D which has some potential improvements. But can also end up looking far worse. The character models alone will never look as convincing and atmospheric as the hand drawn portraits and scenes in the original. And I'm not even talking about the nightmare inducing models the game shipped with. Those are "legendary" on their own. The towns look better, sure.

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and definitely there are/will be events which are not flavor but have significant impact on gameplay.
That kind of depends on what you define as event. For me, an event is something like a random encounter. A scripted "something" that might happen when visiting towns etc.
All of this is flavor to me. Sure it will be nice if there is more of it than in the originals, and it would make the game better if it reached the originals quality in all other aspects. But really, I fail to see where this is a major improvement. Or a significant impact on gameplay. For that, you would have to significantly change the gameplay, not just add more of the same. It's more like an enhanced edition (like the new Space Rangers or The Witcher: EE).

User created content is really cool. I like that, I'm a great fan of modding and supporting modders.

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And since you speak like that, I suppose you have no thorough knowledge on original games or the state of this particular game.
I am pretty sure I have thorough knowledge of the originals, thank you.

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It is so easy to curse, derogate or devalue a game with shitstorms and incessant whining while donning nostalgia googles.
You fail to realize that not everybody criticizing the remake or Crafty Studios is blinded by nostalgia. The originals were good games, sure, but they sure had a load of problems (really, a lot). Though I do not remember many bugs.
The only ones blinded here seem to be those that somehow defend this kind of business practice.

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The hard and right way is to be constructive and supportive to back an ideal instead saying "Ah maybe next time." Because there might be "no next time" and there are a good deal of people who wants there should be "next time". Hence supporting it.
Supporting the ideal of releasing unfinished games for the full price without clearly stating that they are unfinished or without giving any proper reason why they were released in such a state, except blatant lies*? What an ideal to support, really. It might even encourage more devs to follow that very road. Great idea!
Where I come from, this "ideal" is called fraud.

Or do you mean the ideal to create remakes? Well, this is currently "the shit" in game development, it seems. Instead of coming up with your own stuff, just copy/clone/remake something. Also, a great ideal to follow. EA will agree.

Or do you mean the ideal of creating RPGs? Well, I see no lack of those at the moment. With more coming up.

Really, what ideal are you speaking of? I can see none that is worth supporting here.

If there is no next time for Crafty Studios, it is entirely their own fault and they do not deserve pity for that, and let's hope it would discourage other devs from following their "ideals". If there is a next time, fine, and let's hope they have learned.

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For your information, the game was already playable for a few months if you look from "core" perspective…in that case it already exceeded your maximum.
A few months back from now, you couldn't even finish all quests. It is even in Fluent's review which is not months old. Not sure why you would call that complete from the "core" perspective. Or playable.

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Plus: You will find a very helpful and friendly community in the official forums who are ready to support you (let it be developer or the players) in any way they can. After all, many people are not aware of the game(originals) or its mechanics(it can be complex) and it can be frustrating. Or you found an annoying bug, maybe simply computer crashed? You will find quite swift assistance there.
That is a good sign. Really. For all the shitstorms they deserve and get, this speaks for them, if they managed to maintain a positive atmosphere there.

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