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May 21st, 2007, 16:47
Okay, I honestly didn't intend to spark a debate on vocabulary, but if you insist…

Chamr, you are absolutely correct in your conclusion concerning what the reviewer wanted to say, but that isn't what he actually stated.

"After the first few hours of play, it becomes obvious that Two Worlds is yet another victim of the somewhat dicey free-roam gameplay formula."

At this point in the review, your assessment is spot on. And the logical progression of reason would be "What IS the free-roam gameplay formula?" The reviewer tries to answer that in his next sentence:

"In case you forgot how it works, let me refresh your memory."

By making this statement, he is actually saying "they're all the same," "You've seen it all before," and therefore by extension… "There's nothing dicey about it, they all suck." But don't take my word for it… take his later in the paragraph: "it doesn't take you too long to realize you've seen it all before."

That's why I feel his report is conflicting. The following sentences compound the problem:

"To begin with, there's a set of locations you need to visit in order to continue with the main story. The problem is, players are too easily swayed off course with numerous enemies to fight, random NPCs to chat with and dozens of unexciting side-quests to complete."

Okay, at this point, in the same paragraph, he completely switches gears from talking about "dicey" free-roam games in general, and moves on to talking about Two Worlds specifically. BUT, since he doesn't differentiate in the paragraph, this is deciphered by looking at the context only. So grammatically speaking, a person would be led into thinking he is still talking about ALL free-roam games, which again, makes them sound, not "dicey," but consistantly flawed.

I personally had to read the paragraph two or three times to figure out what he was trying to get across, and I still don't know what it is exactly. That, in my mind, makes for a sorry review, and therefore I hold to my initial presumption.
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