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October 31st, 2007, 17:28
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Sure it was. Just check the related interviews. Atari was 'looking for ways to bring the game to the NA market' ever since CDP showed them the game. Atari had the distribution network and they said "Cut and we will publish". And CDP cut.
Considering I was along with CD Projekt every step of the way, I have to disagree with that assessment.

Thing is, Atari didn't even submit an uncensored version for rating. So we will never know if the uncensored version would be rated AO or not.
There was always close contact with the ESRB throughout development. If they HAD submitted one with all of the nudity at the end of the dev cycle and we'd found out that an AO would have been bestowed, there's little chance the game would be out right now.

Why dreaded? Porn is AO and is doing pretty well.
But an AO video game will not be carried by retail stores. So sure, it's possible to release an AO game, but you'll only be selling it online. Stores do not stock AO titles.
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