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April 12th, 2021, 00:21
Originally Posted by Shagnak View Post
San Andreas
The Day After Tomorrow
Into the Storm
The Impossible
The only movie from that list I want to see is San Andreas, but only because The Rock is in it.
As it happens there is always a movie with similar topic so I go for that other one and postpone SA.
The recent one I watched and IMO it's fun (recommended) is chinese The Rescue.

The rest of the bunch I've refused to watch, ever.
Even if it means me dying a miserable death.
Originally Posted by Ripper View Post
movies for the kids
Many times it occured to me while watching a movie - I wish I watched it while I was a kid.
Not even once such movie had a dull and stupid script.

In this century it seems so called movies for kids have the most stupid scripts I've seen in my life. This plague is not only happening in Hollywood, it spread worldwide. B action movies from the past are masterpieces compared to those.

Recent example of such soft lobotomy is ukrainian Foxter and Max.
Enormous potential, nice CGI, but a script so boring I barely managed to watch the whole of it.
Here' hope they learnt something and won't disappoint with Mavka:
Toka Koka
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