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January 21st, 2010, 20:09
Originally Posted by Gorath View Post
I'm really surprised how little some of you guys need to consider a game disappointing. Maybe good is no longer good enough nowadays.
Disappointing means you except something. I have stop since a long time to give full credits to any review even when I'll use some as a sort of guide, knowing the result will be a little random. Often I let some time before playing a game so I have the time to read few negative posts.

So I never expect much in any game. Is it because nowadays game quality is a lot lower? Perhaps but I don't think so. A good example is DAO, I have stop expect anything from Bioware since a very long time. The game is full of flaws and mini bugs, but it's been a very good surprise. I'm replaying the game and take a lot of fun, since when I took fun from replaying a non tactical CRPG? Since a very long time. So even if the game doesn't worth the general big applauds from usual reviewers, it's still a very good surprise for me and even more that I could still take fun in replaying a CRPG.

Another good example is Divinity 2, before to know anything of the game and knowing the 1, my expectation was very high. Now after to have read many thing I don't expect much from the game, I bet it will be a good pleasure in comparison with my expectation which is now quite low.

I could also quote Risen, for this one I didn't expect much, after Gothic 3 I expect nothing from this series even from the original dev team, and I know I don't like the "realist and non fantasy" mood that's been glued to the series trademark. I played the beginning, and enough to quote that it didn't resurrect the pleasure I got from G2+NOTR. Is it a disappointment, not at all I wasn't expecting anything and got even a good surprise from fights, dungeons and some other details, including an overall quality that seems quite close to what had G2+NOTR.

So I cannot find a disappointing game in 2009, because I didn't expect much from the games released.
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