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April 20th, 2017, 12:56
If she does video encoding and is also using HEVC (H265) encoding, you probably end-up with a Kaby Lake Intel CPU (an i5 will suffice) or a Ryzen CPU. However in both cases you need Windows 10, as support on Windows 7 is not guaranteed. Alternatively you can also use a graphics card that supports HEVC, but that will not work in the casing you will be using.
Next to that I would propose to take a hard disk that is big enough to store the videos and an SSD disk as your boot drive.

With a Kaby Lake processor, you can use a motherboard based on Z170 chipset. Probably a H170 version also suffices, but you need to take care that it offers support for Kaby Lake processors out of the box (older ones don't do that and need a BIOS update, which is difficult to accomplish if you cannot install a non Kaby Lake processor first).

That combined with 16GB of memory (2400MHz), a Hard disk and an SSD, will however set you off for more than 500 GBP, especially as your casing needs a Power supply as well (250-300W should be enough).

So, for that amount of money, you will need to make a number of compromises for video editing and encoding, like no SSD, memory with a lower speed, or even only 8 GB (which will impact video editing negatively).
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