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April 20th, 2017, 13:37
How critical is the video encoding and gaming. You could go super small with something like a nuc (4x4 square) but they do not have room for gpu and have laptop processors. You could also go with something like zotac en1070. Not sure if the processor is skylake or kaby - i think there is a kaby version on the way. It might be outside your budget but has a 1070 gpu and is fast.
You are better off with 2x4GB than 1x8GB but personally i would go for 2x8GB. Dual channel is fairly important.
I'm not in favor of your case or psu but your budget limits your options. There are some nice cases out there but they are more expensive. I'm reluctant to mention them given your budget. To be honest while you are pricing your build you should price a dell pizza box system. They have room for a gpu and usually buying hte gpu through dell is expensive but the base system is usually cost competitive with building it yourself and the case is probably nicer than the rosewill (can't comment on the psu but the psu dell uses have proven reliable). I can't look up the price for you since i'm in USA and not sure of your options in that area. Also if you can spring for it the 1060 might be a better option for gpu.
Sort of repeating what i said before but if she could skip the GPU then a nuc from msi or gigabyte might be the way to go - not sure if the intel hdxxx is fast enough for wow as i've never played the game.
Also I think if you drop the requirement for a dvd drive in the case your case options are significantly better. You can use an external dvd drive. In usa they are under $20 so only $2 or $3 more than an internal drive but more flexible. You might also consider itx form factor if you go this route. Mind the PSU if you go with a GPU.
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