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August 22nd, 2011, 04:53
Originally Posted by Jabberwocky View Post
Ah, okay. Thanks… I haven't had much luck with the targeting system because it seems every time I lock onto someone I get killed from the 15 other enemies surrounding me. I've had better success with a hit or two at one enemy and moving onto the next. The down side to that tactic is that all the enemies lose health at the same rate - leaving the same amount to hit back until they all drop at once…. I dunno, it's just frustrating.
I don't remember ever being surrounded by 15 enemies but, since Geralt is only a light armor kind of guy, you really shouldn't let yourself be surrounded in the first place Jabber. Remember that back stab does 200% damage to your PC so, if you have somebody behind you, one or two hits might be enough to kill you even if there are only 5 and not 15 of them.
Use terrain/architecture as chocking points to limit your enemies down to manageable level but, if you do get surrounded, just run (or dodge) for it and than come back and pull them in numbers you are comfortable with. Signs and bombs are your friends but remember to carry few traps with you as well. Pulling mobs over traps you set beforehand works wonders!
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