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June 11th, 2019, 07:01
Originally Posted by BoboTheMighty View Post
Now for this: they said it will have/what was shown
- stats
- skills
- perks
- cyberware ( ofc)
- world progression ( in form of street cred…as you unlock fixers, quests, access to locations, equipment)
- character backgrounds ( by the sound of it seems something similar to Dragon Age Origins or deeper first Mass Effect)
- extensive char customization ( race, body, face, skin mods, etc)
- narrative branching with a lot of player agency/decisions and player skills involved
- ( from what I hear) pretty extensive reactivity to male/female protagonist
No word on stealth yet? I keep waiting to hear how that will work. Like if there's an actual skill/perk or if it's as simple as staying out of their line of sight.

Originally Posted by BoboTheMighty View Post
To me this seems, easily at least on par/or better than New Vegas or Bloodlines ( guessing these are the "deepest" ARPGs to date)
Depends what you consider an ARPG. Personally, I'd include all of Bethesda's and Piranha Bytes RPGs. In that case, I doubt it's going to be as deep as something like Daggerfall.

Depth doesn't automatically make something better though. There have been plenty of redundant skills and stats over the years.
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