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June 25th, 2019, 13:08
Originally Posted by Kordanor View Post
I think that's exactly the mindset of RTwP vs TB. If you want to control and maximize everything, RTwP is a mess and you hit pause multiple times per gametime-second and it becomes slower than real turn based.
And unless I have some kind of auto-heal after each combat I would always want to try to maximize it. That's also why I'd never use any auto-resolve as the result is never as good as someone a player could do by himself. I'd also never use any auto-gouvernor in my Civilization Cities, or AI to handle my RTwP characters.
That's accepting a subpar result.
That's not always the case though.

In Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 I can optimize the characters to a point where my parties will hardly ever lose a hitpoint in trash fights, meaning I only have to pause during boss fights to achieve optimal results. In Might & Magic, it's actually easier to avoid taking damage in RT than TB because you can strafe/kite constantly, and thus the enemy will simply never reach you. This is impossible in TB mode, meaning the only way to achieve optimal results is to use RT mode exclusively. Something similar goes for Arcanum, unless you use very specific skills like haste to increase your action points. In HoMM, it's entirely possible to use auto resolve without casualties, you just need to know roughly what units to use and what types of fight you can auto resolve. In Age of Wonders, the hero often fights better in auto resolve than TB mode because of how the auto resolve works.

The list goes on and on. Using auto resolve, RT or RTwP doesn't automatically yield worse results. It entirely depends on the implementation. I agree that it probably should give worse results than manually playing/pausing a lot/etc, but most combat systems are hardly ideal.
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