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March 24th, 2020, 13:48
I'm dipping in and out of a few games at the moment, trying to get into a groove in this bizarre time:

- Avernum IV: I've finished the previous three games via the remakes, so felt it was about time I regressed somewhat and had a look at the next in the series. There's an easy familiarity with playing it but the open nature of the exploration and the party based, turn based goodness keeps me coming back. I'm progressing slowly; just finished the Formello quests and are heading for the Castle at around 14 hours.

- Bard's Tale IV: Directors Cut
I've put this off for a long time; still struggling to really get into it. 10 hours and still no full party in sight. The forced NPC at the beginning of the Kylearan's Tower quest left a pretty foul taste. I like the combat from Lords of Xulima much more at this point; which is probably the closest comparison I can make.

- Dig Dug: Practising in order to go for a high score at a bar; although it may be awhile until I get to go for it, if at all. A fun game to learn, although I even like the related Mr Do! even more.

- Ms Pacman. This golden age classic makes me wish I was a bit older in order to have experienced it properly back in the day. I've only come at it much later and certainly find its great purity of gameplay very addicting. My goal at this point is to finally hit 100 k and reach the illustrious Junior boards (stage 10).
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