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March 27th, 2020, 10:02
Playing Jedi fallen order…much cheaper on the Epic store. Qite like the story, but OMG, the platformer/tomb raider stuff ;/ And the puzzles - somehow I overlooked these because it was Star Wras, which I love, but stuck in a temple playig with balls now *cough* and getting very irritated. Don't mind the odd element of either, but there's a lot. And the controls for mouse are shite - I end up flailing around madly. I'm going to try remap keeps to some thing better, but its no fun to experiment in combat or explore- you die you lose all progress to last enforced save point. So keep on trying to get back to a meditation spot to save.

Also been laying Risen, but a little tired of that now.

Day 1 of lockdown for us….ugh
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