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May 24th, 2018, 15:25
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I think I played it around 200 hours and only killed two of the princes, @Pongo! I love building the different parties in that game.
Yeah I really enjoy these kind of games where you have to think about the party composition and how you develop it.

I've made a few mistakes (I didn't prioritise Speed enough at the start, for example) but I'm only playing on Normal difficulty and I've managed to correct them as I go. I currently have a front line of Gaulen (awesome poison attack), a paladin (focused on piling on wounds) and a thief (sword + deadly with shurikens); and a backline of a mage, bard and cleric. I think I've tried to spread my mage and bard too thin across their skills, I probably need to specialise more. And my cleric wasn't much use except for countering bleeding etc, but then he recently got access to Mass Heal and that's made loads of encounters tonnes easier!

If I was doing it again I think I'd move the thief to the backline and swap the bard for a barbarian. But then I'm also curious about how a Divine Summoner might have played out… Lots of interesting choices!
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