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November 13th, 2011, 18:56
I'm sorry but I have to agree with the poster on this. I just bought Skyrim and was very annoyed that I was being blackmailed into installing Steam on my computer - if I wanted to play Skyrim. Didn't see anything on the box about having to join steam in order to play skyrim. Yeah I considered taking the dam thing back to the store, but thats the beauty of the blackmail scheme isn't it? I admit I don't know alot about Steam because I don't play online games. And thats fine with me I don't want to play online. I want to install the game from the disk I purchased and play it at my leisure. Forcing me to install Steam is just blackmail after I already paid for the game. It should damn well be illegal to do what they are doing. Any class action lawyers out there looking to make a buck? I thought I was buying another game from Bethesda, but it is now obvious that I really bought a game from whomever these steam blackmailers are.

The game doesn't even install a link to skyrim, it installed a shortcut to steam. Sorry but thats not what I bought. I just wanted to "activate" the game not join steams online community. what backhanded crap this is.

I look forward to being able to play Skyrim without Steam and will promptly remove it from my computer first opportunity I get.
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