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March 15th, 2019, 09:49
I also feel disappointment this will not be RPG. On the other hand Im glad From Software departed from Dark Souls formula as I was already fed by its mechanics.

First Dark Souls I enjoyed throughoutly and finished it already on PS3, even before it was available on PC. Second one got me stuck somewhere in 2/3 of the game (on optional boss) and somehow I did not get back to it again. Third one I eneded half-way through. Didnt even get stucked, I just stopped to enjoy it. Now I have already for some time downloaded Bloodborne and dunno, I will probably not even start it.

In first game I somehow managed to maintain impression as if walking through the ruined world but since then it all started to feel artificial, like playing action puzzle. All those enemies standing in niches (probably for hundred years) just to whack somebody over head. And even the niche in the wall itself feels out of place as if its there only so undead camper can stand in it for hundred years waiting for victim. And when whole game started to feel like this, I just lost most of the interest.

Got different feel from videos on Sekiro and combat system seems quite engaging. Also there will be some upgrades for the prosthetic arm providing additional depth. So Im sold on it. Hope Im not wrong :-)
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