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February 3rd, 2011, 15:10
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If you love your SRPG Grotesque Tactics is high in the ranks of Phantom Brave, LaPucelle Tactics, FF Tactics, Ogre Battle, Shining Force and others. It happens to have some warm hearted humor that mirrors the silly follies of the original Japanese games and mocks them by taking the Anime cliches over the top.
I won`t argue about the humour because it`s a relative thing. Let me just say Japanese are pretty good at taking the piss out of their games themselves. Why not have a laugh at orcs/cellar rats/fireballs and assorted other western cliches?

But I do love my sRpgs and to say it`s "high in the ranks" with the ones you mention is rather far fetched. Ok, I`ve not played the game but read enough opinions on it and even the positive reviews do not point to deep tactical gameplay as this title`s asset. And that`s putting it mildly.
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