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August 9th, 2011, 11:18
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) That makes all games I play boring.
Probably not to you

King's Bounty is very much a game that would have been perfect (for what it is) - to me - with some kind of multiplayer mode. I just can't play games with endless combat against an AI - unless there's something more to it.

Simplistic text-based quests just don't do it for me.

HoMM series only works for me because of multiplayer. It makes it "worthwhile" to play against the AI - because I know I can take what I learn from that, and apply to what I really want - to compete against (or cooperate with) other human beings.

Overcoming AI in strategy games is too much like a single puzzle to me. Once you figure it out, there's zero challenge left. Too artifical for me. Winning the game becomes a very predictable and samey thing.

For that same reason, I can't enjoy the lastest Civilization games. Their multiplayer mode sucks big time.

I don't remember when I stopped enjoying singleplayer strategy games - but it's been years. I miss it, actually, but I can't get excited about yet another stupid AI.




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