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January 20th, 2013, 07:02
the russian sound pack solves all the audio issues with the English versions.
you still get no sound when you change weapons to a new one( cocking sound) , but im not sure if that sound is in the russian game.

I meant when i use the GRPunpacker, I get all the audio files in the game. all of them, including all of the in game voices and sound. problem is, a lot of these files arent coded as OGGs or WAV files, theyre RF2 files. I can edit or change all day long, but i wouldnt be able to re-encode an audio file back into an RF2.(unless theres a hidden encoder in the game somewhere)
right now, i can only mess with ogg or wav files.

and Oggs are a bitch, becuase of the re-encoder which has issues working on my PC. when i type the command in the dos window -
C:\Users\ME>C:\OGG_ENCODER.EXE Format: ogg_encoder <insert wav file here> 1.0

it should create a new encoded ogg file. instead it creates a 0kb file called 1.0 (with .0 as the file ext) Ive tried it a bunch of times slightly different, but the rsult is the same. instead of using 1.0 as the quality value, it creates a new file with that name.
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