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February 6th, 2007, 20:17
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It took me 25-30 hours, doing most of the side-quests, but not quite all of them. 14 hours is lower than I've heard, but maybe on easy, quick-jumping your way through conversations and skipping the cutscenes, it's possible.
I did skip through most of the cut scenes. I never really found myself interested in the story. Pretty standard "HERE COMES TEH BETRAYAL" sort of thing. I never bothered with the romance dialogs either, it really infuriarated me when the womanfolk decided she wanted to have a conversation about her feelings while I was clearing a dungeon.
(I mean, obviously it's possible, unless you're lying, and I'm going to assume that you're not lying, since otherwise there's no reason to show up on messageboards.)
Unless you're a spineless twit and want to call someone a liar without calling them a liar because they had a different game experience than you. No reason for that though. You're right. YMMV definitely applies to any game.
So yeah, shorter than some people are going to want, but if you play it for the story, I think you're still going to enjoy it.
It has it's moments.
Personally, I wish that more of the subquests had made it in, but the smaller maps mean that you're doing less aimless wandering than you were in KotOR. The exploration that you have is shorter but much prettier. (And yeah, some people won't like that. Again, I'm aiming for honesty.)
Really? The KOTOR maps had me feeling claustrophobic.
EDIT: And expect a longer playtime on PC than on the XBox, since the fights will be harder (no more jump-over, A-A-A) and there are new monster types, and at least one new side-quest.
new monster types? really!!!?




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