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April 15th, 2007, 19:02
Originally Posted by Dhruin View Post
In frustration, I tried the AI again and I find the AI improvements in 1.05 are better and all those UI problems are ameliorated.
That's interesting. The terrible party management is what made me put the game aside -- for now, anyway --, not necessarily what you described (though it's bad enough) but when I began chapter 2 and had a couple of new NPCs join me I had to shuffle equipment between everyone and for that I needed to go in and out of the Flagon several times in a row. Very tedious. (That may sound silly but it's often the little things that make me give up on games. For example I love Avernum 4 but I cant stand the engine of the first three games.)
My problem though (but it's not really a problem) is that I have to control everything, at the price of much frustration, I know, but there you go. I absolutely need to be in charge of everything and direct every action. What helps is that I make liberal use of the pause key so the actual combat part isnt so bad.
So I suppose the AI improvements are lost on me, but as Magerette said that's what most people seem to want therefore good of Obsidian for making them.
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