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April 16th, 2007, 17:32
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Try playing Qara in hard core mode though.. instant party death as soon as you enter a fight Worse that the enemy casters don't have friendly fire so are happily lobbing fireballs into the same area.

NWN2 has lots of good points.. it just lacks a little something in tying them altogether and you end up getting frustrated at all the annoying things and find yourself forgetting all the good points.
Have to agree there.

When I encountered the joy that is Qara, I was so glad I was playing a sorc and didn't have to use her. Until all her quests came up and I was pretty much forced to use her---level her up, and even deal with a one-on one ambush scene with her as my only support.

It was absolutely out of sync with my own place in the game, and while it did make the game more interesting by throwing you a curve, it also made it more frustrating to play because you hadn't played with the npc and had little feel for her skills and no interest in her progression in the story.
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