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January 4th, 2019, 00:54
Originally Posted by Archangel View Post
Does not really work. Valerie story does not work if she is not longer this failed paladin that is now just a good looking fighter. If you lower her Charisma to 10, raise her wisdom and Dex and turn her into a Monk, now she is a completely different character.
That's why I wrote "within limits". I was thinking more along the lines of lore friendly changes like in Baldur's Gate EE Keeper that let you make Minsc a Berserker instead of a Ranger, or Viconia a Cleric/Shadowdancer instead of a pure Cleric and so on. Valerie could be a pure fighter, too. With Pathfinder's multi-classing options a lot of that is easier, granted, but sometimes a few more customization options would be welcome.

Custom companions can't talk, so it's not the same.
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