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January 4th, 2019, 01:48
Originally Posted by Arhu View Post
Custom companions can't talk, so it's not the same.
I agree that if there are going to be companions they should be customizable. But I don't feel developer built/scripted NPCs are that special. There are better places to spend the writing budget. Heck, just making sure the occassional tagalong for a quest or two is memorable would be enough without making them a full fledged party member.

If a games writers can only tell their story by filling 90% of the party slots with "their vision", then they'd be better off writing a novel. This is the same complaint levelled at tabletop DMs that go too heavily handed with DM PCs or overly crafted campaigns that rely on their DM PC. The sad part is, Paizo does a pretty good job generally of crafting interactable and engaging stories without marrying a party to them. There's no reason this can't be done in CRPGs and still not end up with an "empty" feeling party.

When I finally pick up this game, I will play both ways… with the NPCs and without… so really this doesn't matter in the long run for this game.
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