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July 12th, 2019, 15:27
I thought of making a post to get back on topic a few times - but decided it was hopeless after a while and moved on. What i think of Couch politically is not relevant to concern that he just vanished after all I do believe he is not in the best of health from things said in the past.

Originally Posted by Eye View Post
Moderation only happens when something is against the TOS. One can not ask for moderation merely because one reads something one does not like. Note:

The only thing of the TOS that seems to be applicable here is ‘Off topic’:

But if applied strictly in this thread lots of posts would have to be deleted, yours (#47) included @lostforever for it does not answer the question where Couch is.

If I had received a request from the one that started this thread ( @you ) to get rid of all the non-related stuff very soon after the first off-topic posts appeared high chance I would have done so, btw. It is his thread. I’d like to add: people wanting to deepen matters that come up in a thread are always free to copy/quote/quote+ one or more posts and start their own thread.
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