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July 12th, 2019, 18:27
As always its great to see you, deets again posting in the regular forums and come to say we miss you too. you are more absent than Couch these days.

I come to these forums because they are moderate and anything extreme gets shoved over to the cesspool that is the P&R forum which I rarely wade into.

You know you and I hold a lot of the same opinions on matters and I come here because they are largely tolerated.

I agree with your assessments on the P&R forums that management at the time overstepped themselves, if only in spirit, here because of one user because they agreed with her politics. Management at the time included our absentee poster. Regardless, it's owned by said management and they can do whatever they want IMO. They are paying the bills. They are kind enough to have policies in the first place and typically don't act like autocratic dictators where people are banned for life just for disagreeing with you.

I don't get involved with those forums because they get all riled up and I end up in fights. I can't stand the attitude some people get by not willing to fight in them all the time, getting in one last insult and dig when you state that.

If you haven't noticed a lot of the worst offenders in those forums eventually leave permanently from burnout - some find a home on that other RPG site for weird reason.

That's what I'm getting at - no one's mind is changed, people just get burnt out and they leave and they find they can't talk about anything else but politics all the time.

There are a couple of good things that did come out of that but I'll only mention one:

The P&R forums are off the front page now. Something I advocated for years ago. Its lead to a lot more enjoyable experience coming to the site for me now.
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