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December 14th, 2019, 22:34
Originally Posted by vurt View Post
I really liked the first Hobbit and found the second really entertaining too. The third one has a good start but it gets long-winded. I've rewatched all of them and will do again for sure, they are good for that imo, because they have few or no really annoying characters. LOTR can drag a bit with for example Gollum (imo), he gets on my nerves.

There's very little in this genre apart from LOTR with this type of quality. Though you could argue that the quality is a bit all over the place here, more so than LOTR. There's Harry Potter i guess, but to me its less interesting Fantasy, never cared for it too much.

A fan edit for the three Hobbit movies into one could make it into a real masterpiece i think.. Currently enjoying a Dune fan edit btw… quite well made.
I liked the first Hobbit also, except for the wacky stuff (like the action set-piece during the escape from the elves in barrels). I re-read the Hobbit recently, and I don't remember there being an action scene during that.

The second hobbit movie, I found so-so. The only thing I loved was Bilbo's interaction with Smaug. And I pretty much hated the third movie. I also watched a pretty long documentary about the boatload of issues there were during the production of the hobbit trilogy, so that only added salt to the wound. Poor Peter Jackson and his crew, and what he had to put up with as far as studio interference.

I recommend seeing this series about each of the Hobbit movies. Very well documented and informative about many of the issues. Very eye opening as to why things turned out the way they did.
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