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May 3rd, 2012, 21:57
Okay I've finished the treasure island, as I do everything thorough I wasted about an hour on it. Not a bad area I must say and it grants you about 7K glory - unless you first go for the treasure and after that explore the rest of the island. In the case you get the treasure first, then do the rest things available on the island, you'll get more glory. Just a hint for those who didn't finish it yet. If I knew what the legendary item (Almanach) does, I'd go for this quest ages ago.

And since Temple of Air/Storm Island DLC is not released yet, man… I feel so unhappy I'm gonna finish the game now.

Did Mara in - the game lasted for me (checked the time on the last autosave) 39 hours and 57 mins. Since I've loaded then replayed some areas/dialogs etc on Steam it says I've been playing it for 50 hours in case someone wonders.

Now I know why some reviewers said "the game has many things that are underused". I'd really love to have more areas "beatable" with monkey, more "nuff said" situations, more intimidate to show, hell, I'd love more of everything.
But it's still 8.5/10 for me and I'll replay it as marksman when Temple of Air/Storm Island DLC gets available.
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