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May 3rd, 2012, 15:37
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It seems like you're supposed to quickly hit space bar immediately after parrying (whether you need to release the RMB or continue holding it down I don't know). I don't really think I ever have and if I have it hasn't been anything visible enough that I've been able to tell. It seems I pretty much just kick at best or, sometimes, the character briefly doesn't do anything when I think he should have been executing the riposte. I've tried executing it by hitting spacebar with the RMB still held down, with the RMB and LMB held down, I've tried tried it after making sure I've released either/both mouse buttons, and I've tried doing it when the prompt comes up as well as by anticipating it and hitting it earlier. No idea if any of those are actually how working or what.
Yeah, it would have been nice if PB had included some kind of in-game explanation before I wasted 1000 gold on it.
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