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February 4th, 2013, 05:22
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Guild Wars 2 runner up for story/writing?

It has among the worst writing and story I've experienced.

If they included MMORPGs, then NOT choosing The Secret World is like admitting complete ignorance on the matter. No other MMORPG has writing even remotely close to that, something which pretty much all who played it agree on, even if they disagreed on everything else.
Perhaps the text didn't justify the award enough.

Guild Wars 2 had a crap story, that much is true.


The writing and presentation were frequently charming and engaging, with fairly entertaining and well-written dialogue and characters (if a bit one-note).

More to the point however, the way it allowed you to select multiple story paths, missions, etc. and had lengthy quest chains which were mutually exclusive with each other, then branching quests and arcs, etc. even within them, was very impressive for an MMO, and most single player RPGs are also shamed by that. And frankly, there were very few other games with great stories and writing this year to choose from.

That said, we did not have anyone play The Secret World. We didn't receive a review copy or cover the game all that much. Guild Wars 2 was mostly selected because of its innovation within the MMO scene. Maybe The Secret World did some stuff better, maybe it completely clobbered it, who knows? We cannot comment on games our team does not have experience with.
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