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January 18th, 2008, 21:55
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Word on the street is that Cloverfield rocks, one of my more trusted sources seems to dig it.

Narpet, it's very unlike the Omega man, at least from what I remember of it when I saw it quite a while ago vhs. Mainly because of the outright monsters in this envisioning, as opposed to the vengeful and crazed anti-tech albino cult of Omega Man. This actually has more in common I feel with The Last Man on Earth w/ Vincent Price, as more of a monster movie w/ awful monsters, instead of the sort of 70's socially-conscious metaphors duking it out w/ Heston in Omega. Will Smith's enemy dont hate him, they are outright hunters. That's where the movie falls short, as dte pointed out, there begs to be something more to these creatures that would actually fill the movie out a little more. Either that, or go pure horror and have them really be scary as hell and bump up the suspense a little. In the end, you cant help but feel like youre watching a video game cutscene every time theyre shown, it's the most un-scary thing how cheesy they look.

All 3 are character-study films for part of their running time that rely on the strength of the protagonist's scenery-chewing abilities, but I think this one lingers far more on Smith just like the original did on Price. I think Will Smith does a good job here. He is simply a scientist tho, he isnt battling the enemy as much as he's almost sympathetic, and trying to cure them, or right this monolithic wrong in some way. Heston is busy kicking ass and taking names first and foremost, and only after he finds he truly isnt alone does he try to do what he can. In that way, Omega is definitely more an action film with it's era's prerequisite social messages and such, and Legend is more character study with monsters.. at least that's how I see it.

Purrsonally I'd rather sit and watch Omega Man than Legend because I love 70's sci fi and camp. I think Legend is worth the rental, but I doubt that you'll have half the fun that you have watching Omega Man.
Thanks for the report Sam… I was really looking forward to seeing Legend in the theater, but now I will probably just wait for the rental and save a ton of money

And now I will probably watch Omega Man tonight
May all your hits be crits!
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