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January 19th, 2008, 22:07
Last night the gang from the University talked me into going to Cloverfield.

Good film. Yes it is an update of Godzilla (the main character gets a marketing job for Slusho in Japan). The shaky cam affect ala Blair Witch Project is nauseating for sure. It was definitely a professional cameraman though as you could tell he was keeping a small gap between the heads of the characters in the scene for the most part. Most amateurs would screw that up, cutting off the top or trying to center it.

The choice of New York buildings falling down was risky and is an obvious allusion to 9/11. The Statue of Liberty's head flying off reminds you Independence Day. But at least to me I finally understood who Taylor (Chuck Heston) was calling maniacs in Planet of the Apes. I now know how it got there.

The motivations for the characters make no sense, especially Hud the cameraman, but that's another nod to other story writing, in particular teen slasher movies and Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness. Yes, once again the characters in the movie are kids but these are in their early 20's, which, these days, is surprisingly old for Hollywood movies. Neverthless, the first 20 minutes of the movie is getting to know and relate or like these characters. Its a very human movie.

All in All it was a good thrill ride. There was a bunch of audience gab (even by us) during the movie and it actually fits as it feels like a drive-in picture. It just added to the fun.

Few websites have picked up on the name Cloverfield yet. Buddy from college tells me that was the miltary's codename for Roswell New Mexico, so there is an Alien/The Thing reference there. It also speaks of Cthulhu which has been denied too.

Speaking of websites, Cloverfield has been inundating the web with some terrific viral marketing. This makes sense for JJ Abrams is the producer and he's one of the writers for Lost. He did something similar with The Lost Experience.

Check out the Slusho official website for the movie and especially check out the History section if you can find it. Youu can't just drink six!
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