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September 4th, 2019, 17:00
Originally Posted by Lynchden View Post
I backed this. Itís the first video game since Realms Beyond Iíve backed on KS.

Itís refreshing to see someone actually ask for enough money to do something with, but it also makes me nervous it wonít get funded. Itís hard for a video game to bring in 200K nowadays. I hope Iím wrong.
They do seem to be doing very well so far. Almost at nearly 25% after only one day. Seem to be on track and I'd actually be rather surprised if they don't make it with this early momentum.

I'm sure the dearth of real 5e based CRPGs makes this enticing to D&D fans as does the playable demo; despite some ppl inevitably nitpicking & critiquing a pre-alpha demo as if it were the final product. Speaking of, I need to check that out.
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