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March 4th, 2017, 23:25
Originally Posted by Fluent View Post
Awesome infor, forgottenlor. Thanks! Maybe we need to get together and work on a game like this. The Red Cave of Forgotten Sorrows and Doom!
I'd be in. I just wrote the start of one that does some dice rolling for character creation.


It should be noted that game rules are not subject to any copyright, trademark, or patent protection and trade secrets are naturally impossible.

Magic the Gathering, for example, gets around this by patenting the business model of the CCG - something not patentable in countries like Israel for example.

So you can use anybody's rules, you just can't have any of the media such as art, audio, and text or trademark names such as d20 or 3.5e and somesuch.

Also, last I checked the Pathfinder people only allow the Pathfinder name for printed material only. They don't allow the use for computer programs.
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