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January 3rd, 2019, 23:08
@Arhu interesting that your mage is using melee weapon instead of ranged.

I'm less adventurous so I didn't really multiclass many of companions - sort of playing them as how the developer described them.

I always end up using same party composition regardless of my PC's build:

Valerie (tank) - warrior/stalwart defender. I normally see her as just a tank but this time around I gave her flaming bastard sword and she's contributing quite a bit of damage now too.

Amiri (melee dps) - barbarian. I read Fluent's comment and gave her glaive this time which is working out well - she doesn't get hit often this way and deals great amount of damage.

Ekunayo (ranged dps) - ranger. He's great with any bow, love this character. He also comes with the dog!! <3

Tristian (heal/buff) - ecclesitheurge. I use him mainly for healing and buff, but also memorised a few fire spells (his flamestrike can do some serious damage) since he has fire domain. Gave him a cross bow.

Octavia (ranged dps) - arcane trickster. She's a bit jack of all trade. Decent damage with both bow and spells but mostly there to unlock chest and disarm traps.

I sometimes switch out Octavia with Jubilost and Linzi. The bomb damage and bard songs are pretty sweet.

My mains:

Fighter/mage/eldritch knight - jack of all trade type, secondary tank with ok damage. I liked EK a lot better than magus (too much micromanagement).

Crusader - love clerics <3 again a bit of jack of all trade. Acted as secondary tank, heal/buff and dps.

Empyreal sorcerer - perfect for aasimars (me think), a sorcerer with a bit of divine twist.
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