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January 3rd, 2019, 23:25
For Regongar's Eldritch Scion I just right click a spell until he depletes it, i.e. Frigid Touch, Vampiric Touch, etc.. And use the 1 minute arcane weapon buff usually. That mitigates some but not all of the micromanagement, makes him at least usable.

Sounds like a nice party though, blobby. Glad you discovered the Glaive awesomeness. The Fauchard is also really nice but you don't find good ones until later in the game. I love the 6 ft. range so Amiri doesn't have to worry about AC and can just Outflank + Precise Strike anything Valerie is hitting, dealing major damage from behind the tank. Works pretty well I find. And when she does get into closer melee range she starts biting people. Crazy Amiri.
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