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January 12th, 2020, 19:54
Originally Posted by Falksi View Post
Skyrim?!? Can't believe the praise I'm seeing for it. One of the most shallow, mundane, cookie-cutter pieces of popamole trash ever. Witcher 3 isn't far off too.

Both to me are games with an absolute ton of nothing & busywork. Woeful experiences which embody gaming decline.

Mass Effect 2 is similar. It's not a bad game, but it waters down the first entry way too much, and is essentially a shooter with cut scenes.

But each to their own I guess.
I'll respond since Witcher 3 was on my list… It's great because of the story and characters and so forth. The gameplay is certainly nothing special, mediocre at best. Also, I feel it's pretty much the same situation for ME2, although I'm sure some will argue it there (more than would argue it for the Witcher games…) Gameplay-wise, they're both heavy decline, no doubt about that. But the rest of those games is great enough to overcome it.

Sadly, there's no answers I can give you regarding Skyrim, that one is just all-around awful
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